Monday, 16 March 2009

Pretty In Pink Tutorial (my first)

Pretty In Pink

Here is what we will be making.

Materials needed..

4 different tubes by the same artist. I am using the glorious pay to use art by Keith Garvey. You need a licence to use his tubes.
You can find out more here

Scrap kit of choice. I am using the FTU scrap kit I made myself. You can download it here

Mask Vix_mask197. You can download her masks here

Font of choice. I am using AnnabelleJF but you can use anything you like.

ok lets get started.

open a new image 550 X 550 pixels transparant

Copy and paste a paper of choice. I used paper 16.

Go to layers, new mask layer, from image and select Vix_mask197
Source luminance checked, invert unchecked.
Click ok
Layers > Merge> >merge group.

Choose a frame. I used frame 4.2.

Select inside the frame(s), choose a second paper, I used paper 8.

Selections >modify>expand 3 pixels.

Selections>invert>ctrl x to delete any of the paper that is outside the frame.

Move the paper below the frame.

Keep Selected.

Choose one of your 4 tubes and paste within your frame, position to your liking and Ctl X to delete any that is showing round the frame.

Do the same for the other frames.

hide all the layers apart from the 3 tube layers.

Merge>merge visible. Please make sure you have one of those layers selected before you merge.

Set layer blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)

Reduce opacity to around 40

Show all layers again

Add your main tube if you are using one.

Add a drop shadow V 0, H 2, O 50, B 5.

Select the mask layer you did earlier.

Copy and paste a couple of doodles.

Postition to your liking.

On each doodle go to adjust> Add/Remove Noise> Gaussian blur 100%> Monochrome checked

Click ok

Select your top most layer.

Type your message of choice. I put Pretty in pink but you can do anything.

Adjust> add/remove noise> Gaussian blue 67% > Monochrome checked.

Add all copyrights.

Add your name use same drop shadow as above and then add drop shadow again but change the H to -2

And thats it