Thursday, 26 November 2009

I have been awarded

I just got this awesome award from Artlor
Fankooo Lorraine xxx

 10 things about me
1. I started psping about 10 years ago
2. I have two sons, Simon 12 and Jake 1
3. I live in a fairly small village in the East Anglia Region of England
4. I started making posers back in 2005
5. We grow our own veg and have a gorgeous decking area to sit when it is warm
6. I run a successful forum on the Yuku network
7. I try to please everyone else too much without thinking of my own feelings.
8. I am totally nuts about the Twilight Saga
9. I adore Take That, Mark Owen espcially
10. I would do absolutely anything for my boys and my husband.
Now to pass this award on to a few friends.
I am passing this along to...