Monday, 26 August 2013

Sensual Posers Newsletter Issue 18, August 2013

Sensual Posers Newsletter Issue 18, August 2013

Well hello again members.

It certainly has been a while since we had a newsletter.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Summer is well under way now and the schools are all on holiday (for the most) and we have had some lovely gorgeous and at times really hot weather to enjoy.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

There have been loads of fantastic new things in the group. Not to mention the fabulous new members we have had join over the last few months.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»
Sig Stop is going from strength to strength. We have the sign up for the September sig stop so don't forget to pop in and sign up. You will most certainly get spoiled rotten .. So if you are a Siggy Piggy sign up t o the Sig Stop.

..·:*¨♡Sig Stop Sign Up September♡¨*:·.

Just to give you an idea on the amount of tags. This month we have over 40 pages of tags.

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We have put in some lovely games in the games room

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

A few months back we had a rare outage.
Please join our back up forum and face book page so we can keep you abreast of any situation that may arise.
So we can keep you all abreast of the situation, those of you on facebook please join our facebook group and also can everyone join our test group

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We have some cool activities on the general board at the moment.


If you are into tutorials, then tag my tut is ideal for you. Simply make the tutorial on the last post and once you have made it, simply leave one you like in it's place.


If you have always wanted a tag using a specific artist then this is the thread for you. Simply go in and request an artist.

Members Vs Managers

Why not come and try and blast the management team (who is in the lead at the moment) in Members Vs Managers.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ•,¸,.·´Tag Show Off Thread August`·.,¸,•Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

This is the place for taggers to show off the tags they have made during the month.

This months theme is Neon Colours. So any tag you have made using neon colours post in there. Who knows, you could win.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Please remember to check in daily and vote daily.

We are almost at 1000 votes.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

So onwards and upwards.

Lets make 2013 in the group a brilliant place and, of course, if you know of anyone who you think would love the group then pass along our link or banner.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Take Care

Sensual Posers Team