Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Forumotion being updated

Dear Forumotion members

In order to perform our service and to have more stable forums, we have decided to change our datacenter. In parallel with the datacenter change, we will also replace some old servers for new, more powerful servers.

The technical studies are now over. So, this project is currently in the testing phase in order to finalize the last details before the forums migration on new servers and the new Datacenter.

During the migration, there are some risks of whitepages, slowdows, or forums not available. That is normal
Do not fear, everything is simply under control of our technical team . They are doing their best to make the migration fast and easy..

This maintenance is scheduled for today (September 30th)

Delete Please note:
- Creation of forum is not available within 60 minutes
- Don't upload skin via Hitskin this morning

During the migration, we will inform you via our social networks: Facebook - Twitter - Google +

We strongly advise
you to inform your users of this maintenance. Once the migration is over, your forum will be more powerful and stable!