Friday, 31 August 2018

FTU Tutorial - Deliberate Descent

-: Supplies Needed :-

FTU kit by Chaos Priestess called Deliberate Descent HERE
Mask 761 by Rachel Designs HERE
Tube of choice. I am using a lovely tube by Anna Marine. 
You can purchase her tubes at

C/P + Copy and paste
Resize (click image - resize)
Add D/S = Add drop shadow

Lets get started
Open your mask and minimise for now

Open a new transparent image 800 X 800 pixels
(don't worry you can resize at the end if you want)

Selections - select all
Open DD_Paper05
C/P into selection (right click, choose paste into selection)
Select none
Layers - new mask layer - choose mask from drop down layer
Layers - merge - merge group

Open a new raster layer
Open DD_FrameEl01
C/P into your image
Using your magic wand tool select inside the frame
Selections - modify - expand 7 pixels
Select the layer under the frame (should be the blank layer you made a little while ago)
Open DD_Paper06
C/P into your image as a selection
Keep selected
Open DD_BackdropEl02
C/P into your image.
Position to the top right of your image
Hit delete to remove any showing past the frame.
Selections - select none
Select the frame layer
Add a d/s

Add your tube.
Resize as needed
Add a d/s

Open DD_FrameEl03
C/P into your image.
Add a d/s 
Position within your frame
Using your eraser tool remove any bits of frame covering the top half of your tube (see mine for reference)

Open DD_WordartEl01
C/P into your image
Position at the bottom of your frame
Add a d/s

Open DD_ClusterEl01
C/P into your image
Position at the left hand side of your image
Add a d/s

Open DD_AppleEl
C/P into your image
Resize 60% 
Position to the bottom right of your image
Add a d/s

Open DD_WingedHeartsEl01
C/P into your image
Position to the right of the fallen sign
Add a d/s

Open DD_ChaliceEl
C/P into your image
Resize 70%
Position to the left of thefallen sign
Add a d/s

Open DD_PetalsEl01
C/P into your image
Resize 50%
Position by the apple
Add a d/s

If you want to resize your tag do so now before adding copyrights
Add all copyrights needed and your name
Save as PNG

Tutorial written on 31/08/2018 by Emma
Please do not rip or claim as your own.

If you wish to show me your results please email me here

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